You Can Do It

Today, Mel, Rhizzle and I went to Bleach Black‘s DIY sesh at the cool Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood.  Here are pics of us from my work holiday party; totally unrelated, but the pics we took together at the event didn’t come out so hott.

gh-holiday-party1 As a daily follower of Bleach Black, when I learned about their DIY sesh, I knew I had to be there.  The ladies behind have amazing style and rad fashion ‘tudes.  In the past, I’ve taken an amateur snip here and there, cutting up necklines of t-shirts and ripping holes in jeans, but nothing that I’ve been especially proud of.  My last DIY attempt was when I wanted to make over my fugly team t-shirt during my first and last Stay Puft Dodgeball season.  When you get blindsided and smacked in the face with a ball hurled by a guy, you’d think twice about playing as well.  Anyway, when I was over the fugliness of this shirt, I searched on YouTube and followed a DIY video from a Hot Topic designer.  The back ribbon weaving is the highlight of the shirt, though I could have done it better with the right scissors.   Honestly, I would have also shredded the sides of the shirt, but I stuck to the more conservative side because, hey, I was playing a pseudo sport.

diy-dodgeball-shirt2After the DIY sesh, I’m inspired to start a bunch of projects, the first being to breathe some life into my old jeans and shred the ish out of them.  I’m also a fan of anything studded, and the ladies shared great ‘how to stud’ tips.  Here are some pics of Kristin and Val from highlighting some of their fav DIY projects.

bleach-black-diy-sesh1bleach-black-diy-sesh22bleach-black-diy-sesh3Still planning to take sewing classes in the near future, but now I’m all motivated to start wreaking havoc, er, tweaking some old clothes and putting a fresh spin on them.  Thanks Bleach Black!

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