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Blazer via | Zara blouse | faux leather Dress Monster shorts | Zara loafers | vintage necklace

I tend to subscribe to the why the hell not approach when dressing, and as a last-ditch attempt to make the mustard and maroon make a bit more sense, pulled out my leopard print socks. Because my brain theorized that brown was a happy medium between mustard and maroon. Not sure if it all works together, but at least my feet were warm because I’m wearing shorts in DECEMBER. Who does that? Eh, why the hell not?

Another Sunday funday shooting with the multi-talented Ken of How I Met Your Style earlier this month. Thanks again, HIMYS!

Wishing you all an early happy holidays!

xx, becs


  1. ediot
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 11:40:26

    i really like your playfulness when it comes to fashion. what you manage to pull off in a great way. very few others would. and it’s great to see something completely different everytime i browse away to your blog. it’s fantastic

  2. Becs
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 11:43:30

    heart you, ediot! that’s such an amazing compliment. thank you so much, love! big xo.

  3. pancakeSTACKER
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 12:36:47

    I can’t tell you how exciting I am to see this feature! HIMYS is one of my fav collabs with bloggers and I know yours is going to be so fab! Do tell when it’s up! Also, completely in love with this outfit! Those shorts are so great on you and I love the color! Happy Holidays!!


  4. Sarah
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 20:28:26

    LOVE those red leather shorts, they look fab on you! :)

  5. Couture Carrie
    Dec 22, 2011 @ 12:09:19

    Love your look!
    Fabulous blazer!

    Happy Holidays to you, too, darling!


  6. Lauren
    Dec 22, 2011 @ 20:46:18

    i LOVE your outfit! Those shorts! That jacket! Those colors! Perfection.

  7. Cafe Fashionista
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 05:57:02

    I am seriously in love with this look, Becs. I also have to agree with Ediot. You always take such risks with your style; but your confidence and the way you carry yourself brings it to life so eloquently. You are a true fashion inspiration.

    P.S. I’m glad we have been able to keep in touch over the past year, as well. I always enjoy receiving your comments; and, in turn, checking out your incredible style posts. :)

  8. isquisofrenia
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 06:26:36

    hi, how you been?
    well it seems very good
    i really like all the latest post here
    and you look pretty as always the long black dress stunning on you(post below)

  9. zia glance
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 13:40:18

    Love it! gorgeous colour mix! Merry christmas to you!

    GIVEAWAY on my blog.


  10. Little Red Book
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 17:24:43

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