New Balance Camo 501

(via KicksOnFire)

I’m BACK. So sorry I’ve neglected you over the past month! After deciding I wanted to steer my blog in a new direction I took a brief hiatus, stepping back to reflect, brainstorm, and dig a bit deeper about what I really want to focus on for the next few years. For me, this is a passion project and once that feeling of passion starts to fade, you have to either do something about it or let it fade into the sunset. I’m hoping to implement the former. While I work on a revamp, regular posting will resume. Thanks so much for your patience as I rediscover my passion… it really means a ton to me! 

Here’s a photo of the New Balance camo 501 men’s sneakers I spied on KicksOnFire, snapped earlier this year at PROJECT Las Vegas. I plan to pick these up when they’re released in women’s sizes June 1. Only downside? For women, the colorways are pink, blue and green. Sorry, but real talk, women always get screwed out of the “good” colors. Women like gray sneakers too! I mean, I get it. Yes, women like pink. BUT pink camo is an entirely new ballgame and a strikeout, IMHO. Suppose blue camo it is then!

xx becs

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