Diggin’ William Phillips

William Phillips

William Phillips Cammay Tote1

William Phillips Cammay Tote2

IN Love.  From the stud detail to the fringe tassel to the fact that it can be worn two different ways, how could you not love this bag?

William Phillips Cammay Tote$403

William Phillips Cowboy Harry1

William Phillips Cowboy Harry2

Yes, this bag has been discussed among handbag lovers, and I dig it as well.  For me, fringe will always be an instant fashion must.

William Phillips Cowboy Harry: $347

William Phillips Poison Fringe Clutch1

William Phillips Poison Fringe Clutch2

Did I mention I dig fringe?  Well, this has the added bonus of a kick-ass connector ring.  In theory, love the idea.  In reality, I’d for sure have issues with having to constantly slip my fingers out of the rings whenever I wanted to open my bag.  I still give props to the idea though.

William Phillips Poison Fringe Clutch: $187

William Phillips La Vita Lohan Prison Clutch1

William Phillips La Vita Lohan Prison Clutch2

And I saved the best for last.  Again, with the whole connected accessory, I feel like I’d forget the bag was even connected to my wrist which would result in some clumsy situations.  Why yes that is a pseudo handcuff and those are prison stripes.  It also has a fitting name… in more ways than one.

William Phillips La Vita LOHAN Prison Cluth: $290

E-robe.com describes William Phillips as…

a new Australian handbag label that caters for those fashion savvy girls who ooze style and love items with a point of difference.  Fresh to the scene, this label is already stocked throughout the world and is assured to grow into the books of a Fashionista must haves.

Admittedly I haven’t been really paying attention to the handbag market since buying my two trustworthy bags — a Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel and tote — last year.  Every time I get a new handbag I neglect my perfectly usable ones and really they never see the light of day after I come home with a brand new one.  However, when I’m ready to invest in a new body sidekick, er, holder of all my crap, I’ll look to get one from William Phillips.  Not only do they have a rock glam vibe, but they’re also reasonably budget-friendly.  Score.

All images via MyCatwalk

What the Eff Frederick’s

Frederick's of Hollywood

Frederick's of Hollywood ShoesImages via Frederick’s of Hollywood

So I don’t shop at Frederick’s of Hollywood, but who knew they sold daytime dresses (in addition to predictable looking club wear)?  I attempted to find any piece of clothing that I remotely liked to post as a sample of their offerings, but failed.  If anything, the shoes and accessories above are my choice likes.

Recently, I’ve been hooked on fingerless gloves and so when I saw the Chainlink Glovelets, I was immediately drawn to them.  I don’t wear thigh highs, but if I did, I’d pick up the Zippered Jersey ones because well, I like anything with full-length zippers these days… a la my American Apparel zipper leggings.  The Waist Cincher is an amazing stand-in for a belt and can be thrown on oversized t-shirts or a boyfriend plaid shirt just like Ashley Olsen had worn.

Ashley Olsen

Then we get to the shoes, and they are way cheap.  I only liked the ones above because I’m a fan of ankle cuffs.  Of course, they offer the gladiator all-the-way-up-your-leg sandals, along with a pair of over-the-knee boots.  But I’ll pass on those.

After getting over my amazement with Frederick’s non-lingerie wear, I clicked on over to Topshop.com, which has become part of my daily routine.  Bought the items below.



Admittedly, I’m modest about showing off too much skin, but I took a chance and got the Cut out Bodycon dress.  Plus, it’s cheaper than the Stylestalker version.  The zebra bodysuit will be my first bodysuit since wearing them circa early 90′s?  They were all the rage back then, but now I just hope I don’t end up with a wedgie when I wear this one.  Love the shape of the quilted chain tote because it reminds me of the bags I used to wear back in junior high.  And I love angel wings, so I picked up the belt too.  Of course it’s now available in a pretty coral color the day after I buy the gray one.

Dear Topshop, why must you constantly update your site with amazing new things after I make a purchase.  I’m not a fan of your flat $15 shipping fee either.  Can we work on that?  UPDATE: Topshop must have read my mind because now shipping is $10 during June!

And thank you for all the kind comments below!  Isn’t it amazing how a simple compliment can totally lift you up and make your day?  I take joy in the little things in life, and they definitely made my day, so muchas gracias!


holy amazingnessJames Lillis CagesImage via James Lillis

These Cages by Australian designer James Lillis are so ridiculously amazing and original.  Wondering if they’d be uncomfortable to wear while sitting down for a massive time period.  Will they be restrictive to walk in?  Also, do they look like they’d be hard to wiggle on and off?

Oh, wait, I can answer these questions.  They’ll be in my possession in about two weeks!

I’ve already begun to brainstorm on what to pair with these babies.  Pics will definitely follow.  On a sidenote, but relating to choice links, I am lusting over the Bliss Lau Riot Bracelet:

bliss-lau-riot-braceletImage via Bona Drag

Love Brigade






Just discovered Love Brigade, a culturally aware and musically charged company based in NYC, which offers three fashion lines.  I like the overlay embellishments that are added to the simple jersey knit dresses, and the black snap tunic with multiple straps that can be worn in a number of ways.  I’m into the Infamous Sideswipe jeans pictured above, but may try to DIY them… or I’ll just pay the $90 (down from $240) and be done with it. UPDATE: I just bought these jeans, so expect pics shortly!

All images via Love Brigade

Stars and Infinite Darkness

Feeling like I’ve been out of the loop since I just discovered Stars and Infinite Darkness.  The Web site was created to showcase and celebrate young independent fashion designers.  Consequently, there are many unique and one-of-a-kind pieces offered, most of which are handmade by the designers themselves.  Here are some of the stand-outs:

stars-and-infinite-darknessMELODY by Ann Chen ($130); VAN by Ann Chen ($125)

Loving these reconstructed t-shirts, which are made of 100% organic cotton.  You could wear the MELODY shirt numerous ways by playing with the hanging strings of material.  And being organic cotton, these are super soft.

stars-and-infinite-darkness2Annette Wrist Cuff by Steel Couture ($72); Leather and Vintage Chain Cuff by MMA by Laura East ($85)

Loving the chain action on both of these bracelets, and at such reasonable prices.

stars-and-infinite-darkness3Weaved Tape Bracelet by Wear-and-Tear ($85); Chaotic Geometry Bracelet by Wear-and-Tear ($85)

The inter-weaving featured on both of these bracelets gives a unique twist.

stars-and-infinite-darkness4Zara Clutch by Bambina di Cioccolato ($130); Vita Printed Suede Clutch by Antoinette Lee ($231)

Love the metallic action on both of these clutches.  I’m always a fan of gold and black together, and digging how the chain hangs on the Zara clutch.

All images via Stars and Infinite Darkness