You Can Do It

Today, Mel, Rhizzle and I went to Bleach Black‘s DIY sesh at the cool Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood.  Here are pics of us from my work holiday party; totally unrelated, but the pics we took together at the event didn’t come out so hott.

gh-holiday-party1 As a daily follower of Bleach Black, when I learned about their DIY sesh, I knew I had to be there.  The ladies behind have amazing style and rad fashion ‘tudes.  In the past, I’ve taken an amateur snip here and there, cutting up necklines of t-shirts and ripping holes in jeans, but nothing that I’ve been especially proud of.  My last DIY attempt was when I wanted to make over my fugly team t-shirt during my first and last Stay Puft Dodgeball season.  When you get blindsided and smacked in the face with a ball hurled by a guy, you’d think twice about playing as well.  Anyway, when I was over the fugliness of this shirt, I searched on YouTube and followed a DIY video from a Hot Topic designer.  The back ribbon weaving is the highlight of the shirt, though I could have done it better with the right scissors.   Honestly, I would have also shredded the sides of the shirt, but I stuck to the more conservative side because, hey, I was playing a pseudo sport.

diy-dodgeball-shirt2After the DIY sesh, I’m inspired to start a bunch of projects, the first being to breathe some life into my old jeans and shred the ish out of them.  I’m also a fan of anything studded, and the ladies shared great ‘how to stud’ tips.  Here are some pics of Kristin and Val from highlighting some of their fav DIY projects.

bleach-black-diy-sesh1bleach-black-diy-sesh22bleach-black-diy-sesh3Still planning to take sewing classes in the near future, but now I’m all motivated to start wreaking havoc, er, tweaking some old clothes and putting a fresh spin on them.  Thanks Bleach Black!

Sty-dolize MK


Mary-Kate can pretty much do no wrong in my book.  Changing up her look, she looks glam and sophisticated.  The dress is plain, but the details are what pull the look together down to the red nail polish and matching red lips. Every time she wears long dresses, she makes me think that I can pull them off too, despite my height.


In true MK fashion, she adds a random, loose inverted braid.  Who would think to add a random braid to a head full of curls?! Heart her.

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