minimalism is not a lack of something

sway chic cutout blouse

Zara blazer (old) | SwayChic collar tank | H&M pants | Forever 21 cuffs

Whenever you think your outfit is too simple, remember THIS:

Minimalism is not a lack of something, it’s simply the perfect amount of something.

– Nicholas Burroughs


Because simple doesn’t have to automatically mean boring. #wordstoliveby

xx, becs

but it’s just safer to keep you in this heart of mine

zara sheer wide pants

zara sheer wide pants

zara sheer wide pants

zara pleated trousers

zara sheer wide pants

H&M jacket and crop top | Zara pants and shoes

If I had regrets, I regret not attempting to do a Flying Dutchman jump in these pants! Because these trousers are so massive in width, that photo would have been epic. Ah, next time.

Aren’t you reminded of rainbow sherbert every single time you walk into a store these days? Not that I’m complaining — I love rainbow sherbert! When I’d get sick as a kid, besides chicken noodle soup, my parents would feed me Jello and rainbow sherbert. So I grew up believing that rainbow sherbert was part of the “get well soon” formula, and despite feeling crappy, would be excited for the opportunity to enjoy a ton of sherbert! Tricky, tricky parents.

Hope you have a great week!

xx, becs

black friday…

zara metal collar tip blouse

head to toe in Zara:  shirt, pants and shoes

… with the exception of my hair! After a three-year hiatus, I’ve gone back to being a brunette. Subtle but nice changes are what help keep life interesting and it was time to switch things up.

AND if you couldn’t already tell by my last few outfit posts, I’m into minimalism in a HUGE way. During my last visit to ZARA, I had tweeted that I was having a field day there. These items were part of my haul and goal to balance my wardrobe by picking up staples that would serve as a strong foundation for daily outfits.

Hope you enjoy the weekend! It’s supposed to hit 80 degrees this weekend here in Los Angeles. CRAZY!

xx, becs

comfy swag

zara turtleneck

zara turtleneck

zara turtleneck and strappy sandals

Zara turtleneck sweater and shoes | Urban Renewal skirt | Ray Ban oversized wayfarers | Forever 21 cuff bracelets

Nothing screams comfy swag more than a turtleneck sweater.

You know when you buy shoes for the love of their appearance but not for their (lack of) comfort? But you buy them anyway because you convince yourself you’ll break them in over time. As a self-described “I don’t do heels because I’m bad at walking in heels” gal, that’s exactly how I feel about this A. Wang-esque strappy pair. No doubt there will be plenty of “practice” commencing in my living room. And when I say practice, I mean walking back and forth across the room until I move faster than a turtle!

xx, becs