but who am I to tell fate where it’s supposed to go?

zara shirt, alexa chung for madewell shorts

zara shirt, alexa chung for madewell shorts

zara shirt, alexa chung for madewell shorts

Zara shirt and moccasins. Alexa Chung for Madewell shorts. mom’s vintage belt. H&M socks. Ralston handbag (c/o). Ray Ban Aviators (c/o Shadesdaddy.com)

If this outfit looks familiar, it’s because I ripped off was inspired by the one in this post.  Call it a remix of sorts, or when you tweak an outfit for “autumn” in Los Angeles and beach-like temps in the low 80′s. We are so spoiled here! Mel and I spent our Sunday in typical fashion by hitting up the Long Beach Antique Market where I scored two vintage, gold framed mirrors that will soon adorn one of my naked bedroom walls. I’ll post photos when my eclectic wall is complete.

In search of some new music? Do yourself a favor and have a listen to “Midnight City 2″ by M83. SO GOOD.

xx, becs

maroon and gray

Zara blazer (old). American Apparel t-shirt and twist scarf. Dressmonster faux leather shorts via PixieMarket.com (available at Need Supply). Senso Haydin boots via LF Stores. Karen Walker Helter Skelter sunglasses via Shopbop.com

This is what I like to label my “so lazy I didn’t wash my hair and I’m wearing the same shorts from last night” look. Yes, I’m admiting that I wore these shorts to the Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion show on Saturday night and proceeded to roll to Sunday brunch in them ten hours later. Epitome of weekend laziness.

Just for kicks, I thought I’d share an old school photo of my third grade cheerleading self, which explains the sweet spot I have for maroon and gray — my hometown’s colors. There are a lot of things you try to sweep under the rug with respect to how you dressed at a young age, but I actually have a good memory when it comes to this particular day. Leading up to getting my professional cheerleading picture taken (below), I remember going to town on my whole head with the crimper. Believe I crimped first, pulled my hair into the highest half-ponytail ever (some things never change), and then decided to top off my hairstyle with half curled, half straight bangs. Oh, and the white scrunchie that I wrapped around my little ponytail a half dozen times. The things we could get away with when we were young! Saweeeetest look ever 

xx, becs

stars and stripes, part dos

zara star blazer, american apparel t-shirt

Zara blazer. American Apparel shirt. BDG jeans and cardigan under blazer. Matiko loafers

Scroll down a few posts and you’ll notice this is the same star blazer from Zara. This is what I had worn during another NYC fall day that actually felt warmer than I had anticipated. Hence the cardigan barely peeking out from under the blazer and my decision to be matchy-matchy by adding socks.

Sorry to post and run, but I wanted to make up for time in between recent posts. Hoping your week has been going well!

xx, becs

stars and stripes

zara star blazer

Zara blazer (no longer in store) and shoes. Urban Renewal blouse and shorts via Urban Outfitters. H&M socks

OD’ing on socks with heels, button down shirts and high ponytails.

Had a fun time with Neekoh, Beth and Mara at last night’s Levi’s Curve ID Fit Event with Lucky magazine. More photos to follow!

xx, becs