Who wants to be ordinary in a crazy, mixed up world?

Forever 21 dress_Dolce Vita Phoenix sandals_Bandana1

Forever 21 dress_Dolce Vita Phoenix sandals_Bandana2

Forever 21 dress_Dolce Vita sandals

Forever 21 dress_DV sandals_bandana4Forever 21 dress. Dolce Vita Phoenix sandals

If wrapping a scarf or bandana around my head didn’t give me headaches after prolonged periods, I’d wear them more often.

As Labor Day marks the end of summer, I’m ready to transition into my Fall wardrobe, though in LA, this won’t happen til circa November.  I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my latest purchases — the BB Dakota faux fur vest and Topshop studded suede bag.  Can’t wait to throw on the vest over a plain knit dress or my AA v-neck t-shirt with skinny jeans and knee-high boots.  The Topshop bag is just what I’ve been searching for to fill my drawstring bucket bag void.  With this bag selling out twice now, it better not disappoint.

BB Dakota Faux Fur Vest_Topshop Studded Bag

Thanks so much for your sweet comments and encouraging words re: my lost inspiration.  I’m slowly regaining it after visiting all of your blogs.  Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Currently overplaying the ridiculous beats by David Guetta.

I’ve Always Been a Dreamer

FP dress_Zara vest_JR boots

FP dress_Zara vest_JR boots2

FP dress_Zara vest_JR boots3Free People dress. Zara vest. Urban Outfitters bandeau. Nasty Gal vintage fingerless gloves. Vintage Justin Roper boots

Florals + Denim + Combat boots = My dream combo.

I realize this look is not groundbreaking, so I went ahead and did some accessorizing.  I’m still loving tiered ruffles and going for another layered look, decided to throw on this UO bandeau over my new Free People dress/tunic.

Thank you to the fabulous ladies behind two of my daily reads –  Oh So Hip It Hurts for tagging me and Fashionista for giving me an award.


Here are my ten random facts…

1.  I’m most inspired by the trends from the 60′s and 80′s.

2.  I can’t whistle and fake snap my fingers.

3.  I only wear skinny jeans but wish I could pull off the wide leg pants look.

4.  I played the piano for four years… mainly a mix of Celine Dion and country songs.  Yes, I like old school Celine songs.

5.  I’ve pushed myself physically when I completed the Los Angeles Marathon without training (note: I don’t recommend this.) and stayed awake while standing for 24 straight hours for charity.

6.  In high school I was a coxswain for the crew team.  I got to yell at boys and steer a boat.  Good times.

7.  I prefer the grunge and shaggy look over clean-cut in guys.

8.  I had a scar on my face for 13 years, courtesy of Mel.  We used to fight A LOT when we were young.

9.  I am a huge men’s college basketball fan.  This stems from when my school won the NCAA Championship.  Best day ever.

10.  I have 8 piercings… 7 in my ears.

Admittedly, I get bored easily and decided that I was over the last blog template.  This layout feels a bit more open and easier to read.  Hope you all like it!

If I Had You To Myself

UO shirt_James Lillis leggings

James Lillis leggings

UO shirt_James Lillis leggings3Standard Fleet Buffalo men’s shirt via Urban Outfitters. James Lillis Cages. Vintage boots

I decided to go the more casual route than the first time I posted pics in the amazing James Lillis Cages.  With a love for men’s plaid shirts that runs so deep I could live in them, I threw on my teal checkered button-down over these chained wonders.  Yes, a random combo from a girl who likes to spew randomness.

I’m apologizing in advance that I will be a sucky blogger over the next week in terms of posting anything new but at least this will give me the opportunity to catch up on everyone’s blogs and comments (thanks as always!).  Melly and I are moving into our new pad and I have craploads of stuff to do, a.k.a. this week I will be an insomniac.

Becs and Mel

Here’s a pic from when we went to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and the only one I could find with suitcases to illustrate we’ll be on the move.  I told you I was random. :)

BTW, the title of this post is B.R.A.M.’s song “If I Had You To Myself.”  I’ve overplayed it so many times that I used up my free listens. Bummer.

Friday, I’m In Love With You

TheSydneyGirl Sketch

I was so honored when I saw the sketch of me created by the gorgeous and super talented Joelyne from The Sydney Girl.  Recently, I haven’t been feeling well physically and this totally made my day.  I absolutely adore it, and love Joelyne’s other sketches.  Being artistic is such a special talent that I wish I possessed.  Thanks so much J! :)

Below are pics from last weekend when we headed to the OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA.OC FairI finally tried the standard fair-type foods — fried Twinkies, fried S’mores, fried Oreos and chocolate covered bacon.  The conclusion:  all of these things are better left alone, though I did enjoy the fried S’more the best.  Oh, and that chocolate and bacon together is not a good combination.   I was thinking maybe it would be a good savory/sweet snack, but was mistaken.  Yes, we also watched a pig show where the “smartest pig” jumped through hoops and spelled ‘ham’.  True story.

OC Fair2Here’s a shot of me and my twinny Mel.  Some people get confused when they visit her blog, Wrecked Stellar, and think they’re seeing double but we are fraternal twins.

OC Fair 3Oh yes, I’m wearing suspenders.  I haven’t worn these since elementary school, and for good reason.  I like them though and think they’re another easy way to spruce up a look.  I’m also sporting my Topshop bag and Dolce Vita Phoenix sandals.  So comfy.

OC Fair 4Mulling over the possibilities of a body wave, going back to my natural black hair color and chopping some length off.

OC Fair5

Cotton candyI can’t leave a fair or amusement park without cotton candy.  Pure sugar goodness.

Hope you all have a fun-filled weekend!

Oh I’m Just Peachy

Rampage top_UO dress_JC shoes

Rampage top_UO dress_JC shoes2Urban Outfitters dress. Rampage top. Bebe belt. Stacey Lapidus headband. Jeffrey Campbell Doo shoes

Yes, this is one of those rare times when I’m actually facing the camera full-on.  Truth be told, I have no idea what I’m doing when posing which is why I look either down or to the side and smile.  :)   Then I cross my fingers that I got at least one or two decent shots that haven’t turned out too cheesy.

Lately I’ve been on a layering kick.  Sweetheart necklines have always been near and dear to my heart and I’ll throw on any tube top with said neckline over a dress.  It’s a simple way to spruce up a dress.  I’m wearing another super old Rampage top over a body con dress from Urban Outfitters, which has a slight puffiness in the shoulders.

So I’ve temporarily banned myself from shopping and I’m actually proud to say that I will get through this month without buying a single item.  Holy crap, I do have more self restraint than I thought.  The exception to the rule was going to be the recently re-released Sam Edelman Zoe, a.k.a. the coveted Balenciaga knock-off boots, but for $345 I will need to pass.  I’m extremely disappointed that these are retailing for way higher than the original price, but I’m sure they will still sell out fast.  You can buy them online at Jildor now and they’ll be in stores at a number of retailers and other Web sites, including Amazon and Zappos at the beginning of August.