I’m Just Not That Into You.

Dechel Mckillion Earlace Earrings_Anzevino and Florence Strap Leggings

I’m just not that into you.

I’m all for innovation and respect a designer who pushes boundaries, but I will not be rushing out to buy these anytime soon.  Rihanna was pictured wearing designer Dechel Mckillion’s Earlaces ($53) a few months ago, and, though an interesting concept, I’m just not that into them.  Plus, I manage to break my necklaces during normal wear and couldn’t fathom the potential earlobe damage if this ‘Earlace’ got caught on anything.

Love Anzevino & Florence’s design aesthetic for creating new shapes and their play on textures.  However, Anzevino & Florence Strap Leggings ($74), I’m just not that into you either.  While certainly unique, I wonder if the straps would restrict my usual fast walking pace.  Or perhaps if they are a bit restrictive and provide some form of resistance, you could exercise your outer thighs while sitting.

But then again, this is coming from someone who bought leggings with gold chains and is wearing jeans with holes in the knees… which I love.  :)   I’m sporting my Silence & Noise zipper bodysuit from UO and Love Brigade Sideswipe jeans.  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and as always, thanks for reading!

Silence and Noise bodysuit_Love Brigade jeans Collage

Watch this video and be prepared to smile!  I love to dance and would totally do this at my wedding!

xo, Becs

Hang Your Balls Out There.

Angel sweater_HM dress

Angel sweater_HM dress2

Steve Madden bootsAngel sweater. H&M dress. Forever 21 scarf. Steve Madden boots

First off, thank you to the fabulous ladies of FrouFrouu for awarding me the Style Fairy Award.

Theme of the day: Keep it simple.

Wearing different shades of the same color is a simple, yet effective way to color coordinate, but not be too matchy-matchy.

This tank dress from H&M is simple, super soft with a touch of spandex, perfect for layering and probably the best $15 I’ve spent since my roast beef platter at Lawry’s.

Thanks so much for sharing your life mantras in my last post.  I love learning new ones and here’s my new favorite one from my friend Jerry in the always great movie Jerry Maguire.  I mean, if advice this simple worked for him, it could work for me, right?

JM quote

Live With Passion

Target vest_UO shirt_Kova T leggings

Target vest_UO shirt_Kova T leggings2

Live with passion braceletGo International vest via Target. Zara denim vest. Urban Outfitters shirt. Kova & T Oxy leggings. Vintage Justin Roper boots. Dillon Rogers bracelet. Elizabeth & James look-alike ring via a store in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. RM personalized ring via QVC. Gold filagree ring via mom

I apologize for being completely MIA this past week.  Life happens and/or doesn’t happen, and I neglected my blog.  But I’m back, and will return everyone’s comments very soon!

When I first bought the Go International vest from Target, I paired it with a dress and red boots for a girly-esque look.  This weekend, I decided to toughen up the vibe by wearing the Balmain-esque vest with my Kova & T leggings and favorite combat boots.

Awhile back, I got this Dillon Rogers leather bracelet at a local mall boutique.  Live With Passion is my mantra and whenever I wear this bracelet, it’s a nice reminder of how I strive to live each day.

What is your life mantra or motto that you live by?

Cheap Monday

Hurley vest_Cheap Monday bodysuit_UO shorts

Hurley vest_Cheap Monday bodysuit_UO shorts2

Hurley vest_Cheap Monday bodysuit_UO shorts3

Hurley vest_Cheap Monday bodysuit_UO shorts4Hurley vest. Cheap Monday Brenda bodysuit. Urban Outfitters shorts. Vintage boots

Without realizing it, this look encompasses everything I dig:  fringe, lace, side zippers, studs and buckles.  And ironically, it’s Monday and I borrowed this Cheap Monday Brenda bodysuit from Melly, albeit yesterday.  I regret not snatching up one of these since they’re perfect for layering and throwing on underneath blazers.  I’ve scoured the internet looking for one in XS, but came up empty.  If you’re looking to fill a lace bodysuit void in your closet, in my search, I found that Urban Outfitters still has the mint green in a large (on sale), Revolve Clothing has size medium in white, and Shopcultist has size small and medium in the white, as well as the black in medium.

After watching one of my favorite Sex and the City episodes this weekend, I’ll leave you with a Carrie quote:

SATC quote

Feeling Lacey

HM dress_Rampage top_JC shoes

HM dress_Rampage top_JC shoes2

HM dress_Rampage top_JC shoes3H&M dress and black skirt underneath (dress is unlined at bottom, so wore another skirt which also added fullness). Rampage top. Bebe belt. Free People fingerless gloves. Jeffrey Campbell Doo shoes

So I just learned that lacey means cheerful in Greek.  Well, on the cusp of 3.5 days of freedom (today’s a half work-day) in celebration of our country’s freedom, I am in a great mood!

Thanks so much for your kind comments, esp. the ones about my hair!  To answer some questions, yes, I get my hair dyed professionally and tell my hairdresser to dye it a rich chocolate brown.  Through the years, I’ve put my naturally black hair through the ringer:

Perms from 4th – 8th grade –> Highlights from 8th grade – freshman year of high school –> Dyed hair back to natural black sophomore year of high school –> Started up highlights again junior year of high school – junior year of college –> Dyed hair back to natural black color senior year of college –> Started highlighting hair yet again, including a stint with blondish highlights after college – circa 2006–> Dyed hair back to natural black 2006 – 2007 –> Eased back into coloring hair all one brown color (done with highlights) 2007 – PRESENT.  I know, it’s amazing I still have hair!

Hope you all have a fun long weekend and enjoy the Independence Day sales!