There’s No Place Like Home

I’m back from my trip home to the Garden State and am already missing the east coast.  I had an amazing time celebrating my birthday and going to my friend’s wedding in Maryland.  And despite the downpour of rain, I made it to Topshop in NYC!


When I first walked into Topshop, I was slightly overwhelmed, but in a good way.  To see things up-close that you’ve admired online for so long was great!  I spent a good hour in the three-level store and was glad to see that they keep the floor pretty well stocked in all available sizes.  Although I took an armful of clothes into the fitting room, I only ended up buying a denim dress (pictured below).  Nonetheless, I was excited to see the zero sales tax on my NYC receipt.  Screw you 9.25% sales tax in Los Angeles!

Topshop dress2

Topshop dressTopshop dress. Vintage boots


My fraternal twin, Melly, and I celebrated our birthdays in Atlantic City.  I’m wearing my Nasty Gal vintage 80′s dress with the Jeffrey Campbell Mel shoes, and Melly’s wearing a Topshop dress.  I didn’t get any full-length shots with my shoes, but when we were in the club, a bouncer came up to me (who I thought was going to tell me to stand away from the roped off section), and let me know that at least six people had been admiring my shoes.  HA!

Wedding pic

The real reason I went back east was to go to my friend’s wedding in Maryland.  Doesn’t she look gorgeous?! Love her dress, esp. the strapless outline at top.  I wore my Topshop dress, UO necklace and Jeffrey Campbell Mel shoes.

Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes in my last post!  I promise to get back to everyone’s comments and look forward to catching up on all your blogs!

Right Coast Trip

Zara blazer_UO shirt and shorts_Topshop belt1

Zara blazer_UO shirt and shorts_Topshop belt2

Zara blazer_UO shirt and shorts_Topshop belt3

Zara blazer_UO shirt and shorts_Topshop belt4Zara blazer. Urban Outfitters shirt and shorts. Topshop belt. Vintage Cole Haan shoes

Note to self:  Don’t take pics against a gray wall when you are wearing a gray blazer; you will blend in.

I will be heading back home to the east coast for my friend’s wedding and hitting up Topshop in NYC.  Oh yea, and then there’s that annual thing that happens when you turn a year older.  So yes, when I return I’ll be a year older though I still look like I’m 19.

With every birthday, I strive to accomplish at least one significant feat or meaningful goal during the year.  In ’08 it was completing my first (and last) marathon (without any training).  And I’m proud to say that I’ve already achieved my one goal for this year in starting this blog.  It’s now been three months since I’ve become a member of this fabulous blogging community and every day, I thank you for visiting because I love reading your blogs just as much.

OK, enough rambling because um, I still need to pack for my trip.  I’ll miss reading your blogs while I’m away but will return in a little over a week.

Some things to check out…

This week I was totally flattered when two rad blogs featured me.  Recently I discovered men’s blog, Trimmed with Gold Above, which includes anything from cool vintage finds to men’s style posts.  I dig it because the blog is also based out of LA and I was stoked to find out Style with Benefits was the  Find of the Day on Wednesday.

Then yesterday, the fabulous Fashionista posted pictures of some of my looks on her blog.  She has amazing style tastes and I love the inspiration pics she posts.

To add to the highlights of this week, the beautiful Anne from Mrs. Zeus awarded me with the Lovely Blog Award, which I’m passing on to everyone who reads my blog!

And finally, if you’re in the market for a new watch and have a Twitter account, then you should follow  Listed among Oprah’s Favorite Things, ToyWatch USA is doing a giveaway on its Twitter page every Friday during the month of June.  They ask a random question in the morning (Pacific Standard Time) and their Twitter followers will be able to post answers.  At 5p.m. PST that same day, they will choose their favorite answer and give away a watch.  Today they are giving away the Neon Plasteramic watch ($195) in a pretty purple color that Michelle Obama was just pictured wearing.  The giveaway is open to everyone and they will ship (anywhere!) internationally.  I think it’s a fun contest, plus who wouldn’t want to win a cool watch?  Check it out!

Sorry for the long post, but I’ll be MIA for a few days and wanted to share these things with you.  As always, thanks so much for reading and for writing such sweet comments!  I read and appreciate each and every one!

Party on the Side

Topshop Dress_FP sleeves_Vintage boots1

Topshop dress_FP sleeves_Vintage boots2

Topshop dress_FP sleeves_Vintage boots3Topshop dress. Free People fishnet sleeves. Vintage Justin Roper boots

Here’s my semi-scandalous Topshop cut-out dress.  Again, I never expose much skin unless I’m wearing a mini-skirt, so this is foreign territory for me.  I decided to go the more casual route by throwing on my vintage Justin Roper boots.  I so plan on getting another pair when I go back to the flea market.  To balance out the side exposure and cover myself up a little, I threw on my recently acquired Free People fishnet sleeves.

Lately, I’ve been doing some soul-searching and have pretty much overplayed “All the Above” by Maino ft. T-Pain this weekend.  It’s kind of my life anthem right now.  Hope you all enjoyed your two days of freedom!  I saw “The Hangover” and it was freakin’ hillarious.  I like dumb/raunchy comedies, and this was definitely the funniest movie I’ve seen since “I Love You, Man.”  Plus, Bradley Cooper has such pretty hair in the movie.

Tom Petty quote

Casual Cool

Zara vest_HM jumpsuit_UO necklace1

UO necklace

Zara vest_HM jumpsuit_UO necklace2

Zara vest_HM jumpsuit_UO necklace4H&M jumpsuit. Zara vest. UO necklace. Vintage denim shoes

So I have a tendency to spew random thoughts at times, and today is no exception…

- I spent a good five minutes trying to think of a title for this post and all I could come up with is ‘Casual Cool.’  So lame.  I apologize… it’s better than what I was going to write:  ‘I can’t think of a catchy title for this post.’

- Don’t you love that when it’s your birthday month, you get gift cards or free small gifts from stores?  A free trio of lip glosses?  Why, yes, thank you Sephora.

- I paid full price for my UO necklace (above)  in-store and it’s on sale online.  Be aware that you should check online before going to UO.  Some of their stuff is marked down online and still full price in store.  I was thinking of buying a faux leather jacket in-store but passed because of the price, and it’s totally cheaper online.  Solid.

- ‘Solid’ has sometimes replaced ‘Sweet’ in my vocab.  Likewise I used to say ‘Tasty’ when I liked something, but then started to say ‘Toasty.’

- I have bad luck when I wear long necklaces… or maybe it’s just because I’m clumsy.  I have a tendency to somehow manage to either get my arm or leg caught in a long necklace and break it. This happened yesterday when I was trying on a pair of shorts in a store and my leg somehow got caught in my necklace as I was hunched over. Effin A.

- My twinny hates when I say Effin.  I definitely just googled ‘Effin A’ and apparently I’ve been using it wrong.  It’s actually an emphatic yes that originated from the Navy.  The “A” comes from the old British term “Aye” meaning yes.  Eh,  I still like using it negatively.

- Song of the moment is Soulja Boy’s ‘Turn My Swag On’.

- Why can’t all guys’ hair be as pretty as Robert Pattinson’s?

- Just bought suspenders from UO… now I want a belt harness.

- Below is the most PG image I found re: Hump Day that didn’t involve animal crackers, hamsters, a laundromat dryer, etc.  I’m sure you’re picking up what I’m putting down.


Chains with Benefits

Cages_Nordstrom Shrug

Cages_Nordstrom Shrug2James Lillis Cages. Nordstrom shrug. Top from random Melrose boutique. Steve Madden shoes. Vintage fingerless gloves via Nasty Gal

My ridiculously amazing James Lillis Cages arrived!  They are really stunning and fit great.  The chains aren’t too heavy that the leggings are uncomfortable either, which just rounds out my happiness with them.  Did I mention these are also available with silver chains?  Since gold has taken over my daily jewelry wear, I went with the gold chains.  To show off the versatility of these leggings, I styled them in three different ways.  This first look is more of a going out type of outfit.  Yes, I added even more metallic shine with the speckled gold top and studded shoes.

Cages_HM Blazer

Cages_HM Blazer2James Lillis Cages. H&M blazer. American Apparel tank. Jeffrey Campbell Biz Belted Booties. Forever 21 chain necklace

For the second look, I decided to take it down a notch and go for a more casual chic look with the addition of the blazer and my favorite pair of multi-buckle booties.

Cages_Topshop boots

Cages_Topshop boots2James Lillis Cages. H&M jacket. Arden B. top. Topshop boots

For the third look, I just wanted to throw in some color a la this jacket and my Topshop studded boots.  Yes, upon first glance, these leggings are way out there, but I plan to throw on an over-sized white tank or one of my American Apparel V-neck shirts for a casual look.  These are definitely a fun addition to my wardrobe because I get to experiment and style them in a number of ways.  BTW, head over to James Lillis’ blog to learn about his other amazing leggings and unique, new creations!