Love For Love Brigade

Love Brigade Jeans_UO top

Love Brigade Jeans_UO top2

Love Brigade Jeans_UO top3

Love Brigade Jeans_UO top4

Love Brigade Jeans_UO top5Love Brigade Sideswipe jeans. Silence & Noise zip bustier via UO. Jeffrey Campbell Doo Lace-Up Peep Toe shoes

Here are the amazing Love Brigade Sideswipe jeans I had blogged about buying in a previous post.  The cutouts provide instant edge, and they fit like a glove.  Since the jeans are the highlight of this outfit, I chose to keep the rest of my look simple.  I also wore my recently acquired Jeffrey Campbell Doo Lace-Up Peep Toe shoes for the first time and they are fab.  The leather is uber soft and they are comfortable to walk in.  I keep telling myself this is the last pair of shoes I’ll buy for awhile since after turning into a “shoe person”, I’ve bought around 13 pairs of shoes in the span of 4 months (half are vintage).  Yikes!

Getting back to these rad jeans, based in NYC, Love Brigade is a culturally aware and musically charged company that consists of three fashion labels, a retail store and a music merchandising service.  They were kind enough to feature me on their Love Blograde.  Check out my mini-interview!

Having been a journalism major in college, my reporter instincts came out and I decided to turn the tables and ask Christopher ‘Tinypants’ Dang, Sales & Marketing Director / Co-Owner, a few random, fun questions.  I’ll be posting my interview with him tomorrow!


Topshop cropped shirt_Justin Roper boots

Topshop cropped shirt_Justin Roper boots2

Topshop cropped shirt_Justin Roper boots3

Topshop cropped shirt_Justin Roper boots4Topshop cropped shirt. UO shorts. Vintage Justin Roper boots


I wish life could always be as carefree as these pictures. I like my long hair but I’m tempted to chop it all off.  When we were apartment hunting this weekend, we met the woman who just did the voiceover for the latest Honda commercial.  How can people tell Mel and I are twins when I’m wearing my sunglasses? This happened twice today.  I think it’s odd because we’re not identical.  I don’t like earthquakes… but who does?  Last night we experienced a 4.7 magnitude earthquake.  Scary ish.  Makes me miss NJ.  Kind of.  Can’t wait to go home in a month because sometimes you just need to get away from LA. And also I’m really looking forward to hitting up Topshop in NYC.  I like watching Daisy of Love.  Don’t judge me.  Flex is hott.  So happy Memorial Day Weekend is coming up.  Mondays suck.  Thanks so much for reading!  Your comments make my day!

Feeling Monochrome

Zara blazer_Vintage shoes

Zara blazer_Vintage shoes2

Zara blazer_Vintage shoes3Zara blazer. Angel dress. UO scarf. Vintage shoes

Love to put a menswear spin on outfits with boyfriend blazers, but balance the look out with a body con dress or a floral mini.  Blazers have replaced my once beloved collection of cardigans and I’m more apt to throw the oversized slouchy jacket on even during weekend shopping excursions.  Satin, embellished, red and blue… I’m on the hunt for you.  Gosh, I’m so lame.

Say What You Mean

UO It's Not You It's Me shirt2

UO It's Not You It's Me shirtUO men’s t-shirt. Kova & T Oxy leggings. Nasty Gal vintage fingerless gloves. Colin Stuart shoes. Necklace from a random store in Venice, CA

The truth will set you free.  This t-shirt made me laugh upon first glace, and so naturally, I got it.  To give credit where credit is due (and because I got bitched at), my younger sister by four minutes, Mel, pointed out that she saw this t-shirt first.  Hence, we both have it.

After watching last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy and hearing “First in Line” by Matthew Mayfield, I’ve become an instant fan of the Birmingham singer.  His voice is intoxicating and haunting.  The lyrics to “First In Line” are beautiful…

I’ll run my fingers through
your hair tonight
There’s no one else
I’m sure of this
I need you now
I’ll give you all of me
I’ll make you mine
If you’ll take me
and make me your first in line
I’ve made my home in your heart and your mind
you laid your hands on my chest and
you pointed home…
I’ve seen you
I’ve kissed you
in two hours,
I’ve missed you
I’ll take it
I’ll make it
I’ll give you all…

Happy Hump Day!



Just picked up the Jeffrey Campbell Doo Lace-Up Peep Toe Shoes. The black ones are on back-order until later this month at Free People (also available in beige), but I didn’t want to wait and so I got them from Revolve Clothing.  Plus, Revolve gives you free shipping and free returns.  Score.

My twinny Mel and I also bought the same Topshop floral cropped tee.  Yes, sometimes we share clothes, but one of us, ahem, tends to be more anal about sharing, so usually it’s just easier for us to both buy the same item so we have our own.  Currently I’m on a fingerless glove kick, and love the ruffle detail of these lace gloves from Free People.  They’re a great accessory to dress up the perfect LBD, and I can’t wait to wear them!

I neglected to post pics of what I was wore this weekend.  Nothing ground-breaking as I wore these outfits to do some shopping in (though I didn’t buy anything).  Seriously, I tend to prefer online shopping than having to actually go to the store.

weekend-outfitH&M blazer and pocket tank. AA double-zipper leggings. Topshop boots. Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

weekend-outfit2AA top. Nordstrom loungewear pants. Jeffrey Campbell Biz Belted Booties. UO necklace. Aaneta bag

Looking at these pics, I must have been into the black and blue combo.  Broke out the Aaneta bag this past weekend for the first time since last summer.  It’s spacious and just an overall great bag to tote around during the spring/summer days.

Happy Hump Day!