Drummer Girl




target-go-international-vest4Go International vest via Target. UO boots and dress

Here’s THE Go International vest, which is now sold out on Target.com, but you can find several on eBay (for a heck of a lot more).  So with this vest, I now currently own three sleeveless jackets.  I’ll admit, I’ve had a tumultuous relationship with vests.  I was a fan back in the day circa 7th and 8th grades, and distinctly remember my first day of school outfits consisting of the full matchy-matchy outfits from the plaid vest down to the corresponding skirt and trim of the blouse.  Then I began to hate vests around the late 90′s.  Or maybe I was just over them.  And now I’ve come full circle, and have decided I like vests again.  I had planned to get rid of these old sweaters that have faux fur, but decided to turn them into vests.  I’m going to just hack off the sleeves of both — have them in black and off-white.


Excuse this old picture, but it was the only one I could find of me wearing said sweater and I happened to have gone bowling the last time I wore it.  Three years ago.  Love recycling old clothes and breathing new life into them.  Hope you had a fab weekend!

90′s Vibin’





mink-pink-dress_vintage-gloves4Mink Pink dress & vintage 80′s fingerless gloves via Nasty Gal. H&M jacket. Jeffrey Campbell Biz Belted Booties

Extremely happy with my first purchases from Nasty Gal.  Loving the 90′s vibe of this Mink Pink “Winona” dress, and although it’s sold out on Nasty Gal, Revolve Clothing has the dress in medium sizes only.  I always try to toughen up my look if I’m wearing a floral print or girly-esque (do you like my new word?) outfit, and thought the leather fingerless gloves and jacket would be the right complements.  As I had previously mentioned, I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of fingerless gloves for some time now, and was excited to find these rad vintage 80′s leather ones for only $22.  Free People is selling canary yellow ones that look similar to mine for $48.

After much consideration, I’ve decided to spare my hair and not get a body wave.  My semi-waves came as a result of twisting my hair in a bun.  Though sleeping with my hair wrapped tightly in a bun is not the most comfortable or ideal option, I figure it’s the easiest and low maintenance thing to do.  Speaking of low maintenance, I’m reminded of this exchange from When Harry Met Sally

Harry:  “There are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance.”
Sally:  “Which one am I?”
Harry:  “You’re the worst kind. You’re high maintenance but you think you’re low maintenance.”

Crap, I think I fall in the semi-worst kind.  Slightly above medium maintenance, but think I’m low maintenance. :)

Pastel Party




hm-jacket_stacey-lapidus-headband4H&M jacket. UO top and high-waisted jeans. Nine West shoes. Stacey Lapidus headband. Windsor necklace.

Yes, I went a little Photoshop-happy with the last picture.  I do like the look of high-waisted jeans, just not the discomfort I feel when wearing them.  These are my only pair of said jeans from UO, and while extremely soft, they are just really uncomfortable/tight/restrictive in the stummy area (stomach + tummy = stummy.  My mom’s so cute.. she thought that was a typo.)  Plus, they make my ass look even flatter than it already is, and so I usually throw on a longer jacket to cover the behind.  Recently, I got this Urban Renewal pocket tank and immediately knew it would go perfectly with my Nine West pastel patterned shoes.

BTW, my Target Go International Bandleader Vest is now in my possession, and I love it!  Pics to follow shortly.

Lady In Red





uo-mens-shirt-and-boots_lauren-moshi-tank_arden-b-shorts5Men’s Stapleford Buffalo Work shirt and boots via UO. Lauren Moshi tank. Arden B. shorts

When I first wore this men’s shirt, one of my co-workers called me a lumberjack.  The red and black colors remind me of my college colors (go Terps!), and so I wear it with pride.  I love my UO boots for the sheer fact that they provide added inches.  Digging the flap down look on boots, which is why I folded these suckers down.


These aren’t all my rings, but they’re the ones I wear on a regular basis.  My gold name ring was an 8th grade graduation gift that I still manage to squeeze down my pointer finger.  The RM ring stands for my first name initial and my twinny Melanie.  Others were purchases from Mexico and New Mexico, Hawaii, Nordstrom and The Village in NYC.  But looking at this collection, I’d say the majority of the sparklers are from QVC and HSN (influenced by my mom’s shopping habits).  Everyone laughs when I tell them where I got my jewelry, but they really do have quality stuff.  Consider yourself warned if you do venture onto the Web sites:  the massive selection can be quite fun and addictive to scour through.

Currently overplaying “Patron Tequila” by The Paradiso Girls (ft. Lil Jon).

Thumbs Up For 2-Way Zippers



aa-leggings_steve-madden-bootiesUO top and necklace. H&M skirt. AA leggings. Steve Madden shoes. Bebe belt.

Awhile back I had mentioned I don’t get the need for two-way zippers, besides the benefits of easy access and not having to wiggle out of your skirt/pants at the end of the night. I’m recalling that statement after getting the AA Nylon Tricot High-Waist Zipper Pants/Leggings which have the two-way zippers and extend down the full length of each leg. They are a nice addition to my small collection of leggings consisting of cotton ones from Nordstrom and Forever 21 and my Kova & T latex leggings.

Sidenote, my hair is scary long, nearly touching my waist. Like if I wore my high-waisted jeans, I’d risk tucking my hair into them. This is what happens when you haven’t cut your hair since July because everytime you go for a color touch-up, you say you want to keep your hair long and let it continue growing. I’m also considering getting a bodywave, though I’m pretty sure that if I added a perm on top of my color jobs, I’d damage my already damaged hair to the point of no return. I know, these are such monumental decisions.