Topshopped Out

topshop-jumpsuit-and-boots_aa-tanktopshop-jumpsuit-and-boots_aa-tanks2top-shop-jumpsuit-back1topshop-boots1Topshop jumpsuit and boots. American Apparel tank

On a jumpsuit kick now.  The mesh detail on both the front and back drew me in.  And I’m just a tad obsessed with these boots. Nuff said.

The “Snuggie”



navy-sweater_uo-dress_steve-madden-bootsPixie sweater via Angel. Urban Outfitters dress. Steve Madden boots. Urban Outfitters necklace worn as a bracelet

So this is the sweater that I’ve been told looks like the Snuggie.  Yes, it’s extremely oversized, but I love to wrap myself in it.  It actually reminds me of something MKO would wear.  And I heart MKO.

mko1Image via

Plaid Face-Off

My twinny, Mel from Wrecked Stellar, and I have the same Stapleford men’s flannel plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters, so we decided to both take pics of how we’d wear it.  As much as we’re alike in many ways, we don’t always agree when it comes to fashion ins and outs.  Anyways, this shirt has become my fallback attire for plane rides the last two times I went back to the Jerz.  Love the wash of these UO jeans that screams take me back to the 80′s.

uo-mens-plaid-shirt_vs-cardigan_uo-jeans3uo-mens-plaid-shirt_vs-cardigan_uo-jeans2Urban Outfitters men’s shirt and jeans. Victoria Secret cardigan. American Apparel tank. Carlos by Carlos Santana shoes. Old belt

Playing With Shine, Studs and Stones





bebe-dress_jc-shoes_hm-jacketbebe-dress_jc-shoes_hm-jacket2Bebe dress. H&M jacket. Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Love my recently acquired Jeffrey Campbell Mel shoes.  Serious bling for the soles, and with the lower heels, I can actually walk in them comfortably.  This Bebe dress looks like a garbage bag with the sheen, but is stiffer and way more uncomfortable than if I was wearing said bag.

balmain-studded-heels_net-a-porter1Going back to these shoes, yes, they are Balmain knock-offs, but who can afford to pay $2,300 for the real deal available at Net-A-Porter?  There’s talk about the sold-out-everywhere Zara ones being better than the Jeffrey Campbell shoes (and Aldo pairs), but I’ve never seen the Zara ones up close, so I can’t make a judgment call.  Plus, the Zara shoes are selling on eBay from $150 upwards to $300.  All I know is that I’m in love with these shoes and they can dress up a potato sack if I was wearing one.  True story.

Currently overplaying “Orange Sky” by Alexi Murdoch.

Feeling Puffy

vs-dress_uo-shoes1vs-dress_uo-shoes2vs-dress_uo-shoes4Victoria Secret dress. Urban Outfitters shoes. Bebe belt

So sad that I’ve only worn this dress once. To work. And I wore a blazer over it for the majority of the day because I felt that the shoulders were almost TOO puffy/pouffy.  Isn’t pouffy a weird word?  I haven’t even ventured out in public wearing these Urban shoes that I got a year ago.  It goes back to the whole ‘I’m awkward while walking in wedges.’  Double sadness.