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funktional varsity jacket, leather ny giants cap

APOLOGIES for the blatant crotch shot AND mini absence! Over the past several days, I’ve been home on the east coast, soaking up mom’s home cooked meals, catching up on my zzz’s and basking in the satisfaction of doing next to NOTHING without feeling any guilt whatsoever. Kind of amazing how you’re able to still feel fulfilled after 15 hours of genuine unproductivity.

For a little while now, I’ve been searching around the interwebs for a leather baseball cap without any luck. The closest I had come to finding one was this FAUX leather cap from H&M — likely to be available in the U.S. soon. So I was beyond excited when my snooping around paid off and found my dad’s collection of around 30 baseball caps — including this 100% leather NY Giants cap. CHA-CHING! Ended up snagging two other caps, both vintage-looking with NY and Adidas logos, that will be returning with me to Los Angeles. THANKS DAD!

Making my way back to LA in a few days, so until then, hope you have a great week!

xx, becs

no fuss, no muss

alexa chung for madewell sweater, h&m floral pants

alexa chung for madewell sweater, h&m floral pants

alexa chung for madewell sweater, h&m floral pants

Alexa Chung for Madewell sweater – sold out (similar) | H&M floral pants (old) and men’s cap | Zara shoes

You know those things, people, clothes you hold onto because you just can’t bear to part ways with no matter how many times you try. They’re the ones that you have the hardest time deciding whether they should be categorized in the KEEP or THROW AWAY BECAUSE YOU’RE BETTER OFF WITHOUT THEM pile. Really, the definition of a love/hate relationship.

And that is how I feel about these H&M floral pants — love them because they’re ultra comfortable (rayon/spandex goodness) but hate them because… HELLO DROP CROTCH. An openly anti-drop crotch person, I gave in to the comfort these pants provide and the fact that I’d make sure to hike these babies up so the drop crotch is less apparent. Suppose that by now since they’ve passed the keep or toss test multiple times, they are meant to stay in my closet!

xx, becs

spring fever

zara florals, cole haan oxfords

zara floral blouse and shorts

zara floral shirt and shorts, cole haan oxfords

Zara floral blouse and shorts | Cole Haan Alisa Oxfords

BLOSSOMS on BLOSSOMS. Truthfully, I’m pretty picky when it comes to wearing floral prints. Is there too much blue? Too much green? Not enough pink or red? Are the flowers too far apart? Are they too small? Too large? AHHH. These seemingly ridiculous thoughts run through my mind — making or breaking my floral purchase decisions.

This set from Zara just got re-stocked both online and in-stores, so snatch the blouse and shorts while you can! Note that the blouse is completely sheer, though happily you can barely tell from these photos. The shorts are pretty mini too — likely far more appropriate for evening wear with a pair of strappy heels. Transitional AND romantical day-to-night clothing at its finest.

xx, becs

triple denim threat

recollection denim shirt

Re Collection shirt (old) | H&M pants

When in doubt, I prescribe to the KISS principle — Keep it simple, stupid. Best applicable on days when those sacred 20 minutes of extra shut eye trump your getting ready prep time, ESPECIALLY on Monday mornings. The denim on denim look is pretty stupid simple. Really, a no-brainer!

xx, becs

weekend uniform

alexa chung for madewell sweater, dressmonster shorts

zara strappy sandals

alexa chung for madewell sweater, dressmonster faux leather shorts

Alexa Chung for Madewell sweater and blouse | Dressmonster shorts | Zara sandals | Ralston handbag (c/o) | Ray Ban Aviators (c/o ShadesDaddy.com)

If I were to ever undertake the daunting six items or less challenge for 30 days, a cable knit sweater and red blouse would likely make the cut for my key staples. It’s taken awhile, but I’ve finally learned how to build a wardrobe vs. stocking one with pieces I believed I needed.

Favorite nail polish color at the moment is this aquamarine hue from NCLA, fittingly named Santa Monica Shore Thing. It’s that subtle but perfect balance to my red/maroon/orange look.

xx, becs