those days

puerto rico

June 2011

Those days that make you feel fortunate. That have potential. Those days that you feel beautiful. Your best. That make you believe the world is at your fingertips. And that there are no challenges too extreme for you to overcome. Those days that can sometimes feel as if they are far and few between. But when you experience them, they are unforgettable. And you appreciate them. Because they help us get through this crazy roller coaster of life. And they make us believe that we’ll have another one of… those days.


missoni for target

I love Missoni. In fact, I count Missoni’s Fall 2009 RTW Collection among my all-time favorites. But yesterday’s Missoni for Target (online) launch was horrific, and a prime example of what to do if you want to piss off your customers. Though why would you want to do that? Over it before it even started, which <real talk> started 24 hours after the “launch date”.

 And can someone please spell SWEATER correctly?!

missoni for target

missoni for target

Hola Puerto Rico

puerto rico

Tonight I’m leaving for a week-long and much needed vacay in Puerto Rico!  I decided to unplug from the digital world and so you’ll need to sadly stare at this arse for an entire week.  Excited to relax on the beach, visit the El Yunque Rainforest, and of course, wear my two new one-piece swimsuits — this Marc by Marc Jacobs pink & blue (shoutout to any fellow Delta Gammas out there!) suit via and O’Neill chevron stripe one-piece via

Thanks so much for hanging with me while I go completely MIA on here & my TUMBLR, though I’ll likely still be TWEETING away.

Catch you in a week!  Much love always.

Quotable: Love you too, mom!

“I hate your outfit in your recent post.  You don’t match!  Can you delete the post?” – mi madre

Moms say the darndest things. No, MOM, I will not delete my post, no matter how fugly you think my outfit looks. BUT I do appreciate that you check my blog daily, even though I don’t update it every day. Love you to pieces!

One Day – Trailer

A sucker for rom-dramedies, I have high hopes for One Day starring Anne Hathaway (Emma) and Jim Sturgess (Dexter).  Fully fessing up to the pathetic fact that I teared up after watching the trailer.  Based on the best-selling novel by David Nicholls, the story begins with Emma and Dexter spending the night together after college graduation, and chronicles their lives on the anniversary of that night over the next 20 years.

“I’m so much better when you’re around.”

Gahhh.  I eat that ish up.

(the song that plays in the second half of the trailer is Good Life by One Republic)