tie it together

Lucca Couture romper. L.A.Vintage Exchange blazer. mom’s vintage scarf. Sam Edelman Simone booties via Endless.com

Ever notice the order you dress yourself? Do you usually decide that you want to wear a certain shirt first and then pick your pants, or do you commit to your favorite pair of jeans and then figure out your top business? Pretty sure my thought process for this look last weekend went like this:

teal romper… because I haven’t worn it since my vacay in Hong Kong


vintage blazer… because I had paired my hot pink Dolce Vita wedges with the romper in Hong Kong and dug the color combo


Sam Edelman booties… because at this point, I had committed to color blocking and wanted to add a third color


mom’s vintage scarf… because I had to tie everything together!

And there you have it, the dissection of how my brain works in the morning, as I stare blankly into my closet. Only this time, the process was organic and quick once I knew I was heading in the bold color blocking direction.

Thoughts on color blocking? Still into it or over it?



WWDMAGIC + Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge

wwd magic teen vogue blogger lounge


wwdmagic, storets faux fur coat

in my Valentine’s Day-themed look, wearing Storets coat, H&M blouse and pants, Dolce Vita boots and American Apparel headband

wwdmagic teen vogue blogger lounge

WWDMagic Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge, a.k.a. home base

had so much fun hanging with beautiful & talented sisters Natalie of Natalie Off Duty and Dylana of Color Me Nana (heart you both!)

wwdmagic teen vogue blogger lounge

resting our feet in the Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge, with Dylana and Elim of The Style Seen

wwdmagic teen vogue blogger panel

wwdmagic teen vogue blogger panel

wwdmagic blogger panel

So You’re A Blogger? Now What!

panel discussion featuring Erin Weinger of Style Section LA, Crosby Noricks of PR Couture, Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This, Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes and Hilla Ohayon

video of the entire panel discussion can be seen HERE

wwdmagic show floor

wwdmagic audrey 3 + 1


with a daughter named Audrey and her three siblings, family owned brand, Audrey 3 + 1‘s name was born (love hearing special stories like this)

wwdmagic, storets coat

wwdmagic teen vogue blogger lounge

wwdmagic kensie

Kensie hosted a sweet reception, complete with pink bubbly & chocolate.

Thanks so much to Hayley (taking the photo above) for being so amazing to all the Teen Vogue bloggers.  She definitely made a great impression on behalf of Kensie and now has a new fan of the brand.

wwdmagic kensie

wwdmagic, kensie clothing

kensie girl

wwdmagic kensie


playing with our sugary sweet jelly candy

wwdmagic blue bird

wwdmagic blue bird

buyers were going crazy at Blue Bird — one of the busiest booths at WWDMAGIC

wwd magic see you monday

wwd magic see you monday los angeles

wwdmagic see you monday los angeles

tie-dye, leopard print & feather trim dresses at See You Monday LA


wwd magic teen vogue blogger reception

wwdmagic teen vogue blogger reception

wrapped up day 1 with yummy (and pretty) treats, including these parfaits and chocolate covered strawberries


cool looking circular sofa = automatic photo opp.

planet hollywood las vegas

gambling with Kristen of Be Vain or D.I.Y.

jeffrey campbell glitter lita

my Jeffrey Campell gold glitter Litas made a Vegas appearance


day 2 of WWDMAGIC with Natalie, Jazzi of Jazzi McG and Dylana (L.A. bloggers <3)

wwdmagic, white crochet dress, ralph lauren hat

wearing Effigy 49 dress via Pixie Market, H&M jacket, Aldo boots and Ralph Lauren men’s hat

crochet long dress, fringe leather jacket

wwdmagic teen vogue panel, rebecca minkoff

second panel featuring Rebecca Minkoff CMO Daniel Saynt, Jane of Sea of Shoes, Erin & April of Boutiquing.com, with Macala of Fashionably Marketing moderating

wwdmagic teen vogue panel, rebecca minkoff, jane of sea of shoes

wwdmagic teen vogue blogger lounge

check out Kristen’s snazzy D.I.Y. brooch on a rope!

photo by Elim

wwdmagic teen vogue bloggers

with Dylana, Taisa of Amahzing Blog, Jazzi, Natalie and Melanie

wwdmagic teen vogue blogger lounge

When people find out Mel and I are twins, they usually ask whether we have similar styles.  As you can see, I’m more of a bohemian-fringe-loving-cowboy boot wearing gal while Mel is more the glam-polished-uptown-vibe-heel wearing type.  (photo by Taisa)

chicago akira, wwdmagic

while checking out Aryn K, we met Akira Chicago owner Erikka and Sarah who were picking up amazing pieces for the store

project show

in the afternoon, we headed to Project at Mandalay Bay where we saw brands such as Wildfox, Dolce Vita, and Buffalo David Bitton

mmm… crab nachos


hudson jeans party, marquee lv, creative rec

wearing a Bebe mesh cutout dress with Kristen, Mel, Elim and Ashley of Fashionably Ashley at the Hudson JeansCreative Recreation party at Marquee LV in the Cosmopolitan (so posh)

thanks so much to HUDSON for throwing one helluva good time!

marquee lv, hudson jeans, project

hudson jeans party, marquee lv

hudon jeans party, marquee lv

cooling down outside after a full on dance fest (such good music throughout the night) with Natalie, Dylana, Taisa, Mel and our new friends from Paris

hudson jeans, creative recreation, marquee lv

Bring 35 fabulous bloggers to Vegas for three days, letting them roam WWDMAGIC with more than 1,300 brands, and it’s bound to be a content building, buzz generating, networking-love fest.  Looking back, it was just an incredibly exciting experience to meet the creative forces behind some of my favorite brands, and to be among the buyers getting a sneak preview of summer and fall collections before they hit stores.

There were way too many highlights to fully list out, but my favorites include talking to the fabulous Creative Director of BB Dakota, Katharine Brandes, while previewing the brand’s summer and fall lines (so many great pieces!); meeting the Kensie team during their champagne party; and simply being around all the other amazing bloggers who were just as excited as I was to be a part of the WWDMAGIC experience.

It was also encouraging to meet with brands that are fully embracing bloggers and have a strong social media presence.  As we begin to see more and more designer collaborations with bloggers, brands are understanding the influence bloggers today have in the retail arena and the impact they can make on their customers.  When a brand gets it, there’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

HUGE thank you to WWDMAGIC, Teen Vogue and Fashionably Marketing!

And lastly, thanks to Style Caster for including me (along with Mel, Natalie & Jazzi) in its Best Street Style from PROJECT feature!

(Stayed tuned for future posts featuring BB Dakota, Buffalo David Bitton, Aryn K, Hollywood Trading Company, and One Language.)



Key Trends at WWDMAGIC


WWDMAGIC has been an incredible experience thus far. Sadly, it’s our last day here in Las Vegas with the Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge, and I’ll be running around today, soaking up as much as my petite self can take.  For starters, I wanted to share some of the key trends that I’ve noticed from several brands at the show.

aryn k

gorgeous hues & Miu Miu inspired prints being showcased at Aryn K

bb dakota

bb dakota

flirty dresses and printed pants were standouts at BB Dakota (separate post to follow with a preview of the summer and fall collections)

buffalo david bitton

snakeskin pants from Buffalo David Bitton at PROJECT (personal favorite)

kensie clothing

military style wardrobe staples and leopard print at Kensie

blue bird

sheer print blouses, florals and stripes at Blue Bird

lucca couture

place los angeles

florals and more leopard print (loves it!) from Lucca Couture

audrey 3 plus 1

audrey 3 plus 1

fun prints, esp. this navy horseshoe & cowboy hat covered blouse at Audrey 3+1

It’s safe to say that we are seeing a pattern here.  No pun intended!  Personally, I’ve loved seeing the abundance of prints being showcased at WWDMAGIC.  And if you thought leopard print was on its way out… well, let’s just say it’s here to stay and this gal isn’t complaining about that one bit.  I have a ton more photos to share in upcoming posts, so stay tuned for more from WWDMAGIC!


What I’m loving…

… long robes for daytime wear

isabel lucas

… adding buttons to your hat


… anything crochet

liu wen

… Liu Wen’s layered look — plaid shirt under a hoodie topped with a shaggy coat

… orange/red lips & wing tip eyeliner

… a collared shirt worn under a fabulous wool sweater

j.w. anderson festival boots with swarovski crystal toe

J.W. Anderson Festival Boots with Swarovski crystals

… green leather jackets

… feather & crosses earring wrap

sequin pants

… sequin pants


… soft braids

maison martin margiela boots

… sweatpants tucked into metallic Maison Martin Margiela boots

… orange clothing, especially this amazing jumpsuit

jeffrey campbell lita

… my recently acquired Jeffrey Campbell gold glitter Litas from Edge of Urge


… the fact that I’ll be in Vegas in less than a month for WWDMagic!

I’m over the moon-estatic to be heading to WWDMagic as one of 30 bloggers and fashion writers selected to cover the show as part of Teen Vogue‘s first-ever Blogger Concourse Lounge.  We’ll be running around the show floor reporting on the latest trends, filming real-time video segments, conducting buyer chats and partaking in fun style-offs.

Featured sponsoring brands in the concourse lounge are Free People, Levi’s, Jessica Simpson and French Connection.

Make sure to follow WWDMagic’s Tumblr and my Tumblr as content will be aggregated from the show. Oh, and if you see the girl in the gold glitter JC Litas, that’s me… and make sure to say Hi!



(All images in this post are from Style with Benefits Tumblr with original sources linked on my Tumblr.)

Menday Favorites

For this edition of Menday, I asked the group of men’s style bloggers to weigh in on their favorite looks of the moment or any trends they are loving on ladies right now.

Shaun: There are very few styles in Fashion today that I am particularly fond of, especially when it comes to women’s fashion but I have and will always be a sucker for the charm of a boyish styled female.  Blazers, saddle shoes, button downs, cuffed shorts, etc. And this pic is everything I love about the style femininity in masculine clothing.


Kenyatte:  The female fashion trend that I’m loving right now is “Androgyny” (i.e. women taking the best of men’s style and making it their own).  The boyfriend jean, the over sized blazer and women dressed like the photo (below) are indicative of the universally known fact that women look better in men’s clothes than we do.  Could you imagine a guy walking around with nothing on but a dress shirt?  Of course not because that would be disgusting.

image via The Sartorliast


Lawrence:  I was having a little bit of trouble coming up with my favorite women’s fashion trend so I decided I would try my hand at starting my own.  Women of the world, consider this my humble request to get all your asses into a pair of selvedge denim.  I know you have curves so the jeans don’t have to be the super stiff, raw kind all the well dressed guys are wearing, but recently I’ve been seeing some brands offer models that feature just the right amount of stretch.  In my eyes it’s all so very simple – Step 1:  Buy some new selvedge denim, Step 2:  Put ‘em on, Step 3:  Break my heart.

images via Baldwin Denim


Will:  Trend or no, it comes down to adaptability.  I’m not one for trends and believe in “dressing the part.”  Winter in the mountains is no place for jeggings.  And, in turn, summer in the city is not the place for snowpants.  Just be easy, girls, and know that us gents, or myself at least, are happy so long as you look you fit the scene regardless of venue. However, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the prep look.  That gear looks good anywhere and everywhere.


Dan:  I love long-legged women.  Better yet, I love long-legged women in knee-high socks (and heels).  Knee-highs elongate the legs and add a certain sense of mystery and untouchability.  If you are self-conscious about showing too much leg, they can help you feel more at ease.  On the other hand, if you have gorgeous confident legs, don’t worry, they won’t look too covered up…your bare thighs are the most intriguing to men anyway ;)

image via Fashion Toast


Paul:  I’m a guy who knows what he likes when it comes to his own personal style, but when it comes to the ladies, I’m not nearly as well versed.  I’m not up on women’s trends, and in all honesty I don’t really care what a girl shows up in as long as she keeps it simple and classy with just enough sexiness to keep me interested.  That being said, I think I’m gonna have to go with jeans and heels on this one.  Yea, yea, I realize that this isn’t a trendy item or look, but if done right it never ceases to amaze.  Aside from a little black dress and heels, I think it’s the ultimate in simplicity and sexiness, and it’s a look that isn’t going to go out of style for quite some time.  I can’t fully articulate to you the allure at night of high heels “click clicking” on the streets, and the figure flattering cut of jeans that hint to just enough of a woman’s physique.  Just know that to us fellas, and especially me, it never gets old.  Keep it simple, keep it classy, and you can never go wrong.

Well done, men.  They were also charged with finding a photo to accompany their responses and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed.

While there are no wrong or right answers, how do you think the guys did?  Whose response most speaks to your own personal style tastes?