let’s get loco

3.1 phillip lim loco shirt

Within the first year of moving to Los Angeles, I worked at a TV production company based in the valley. Unfortunately for us, there were only two places within walking distance for lunch — a donut shop that also sold sandwiches and El Pollo Loco. Being from the northeast, El Pollo Loco was foreign to me since the fast (food) chicken chain only has locations in the southwest and Texas. Cut to lunchtime when my co-worker would head to El Pollo Loco on a routine basis and shout, “Heading to Crazy Chicken, if anyone wants anything!” The kicker? I never got why he’d call it ‘crazy chicken’ until maybe two years later. Si, el stupido!

Snag this at Hypebeast; midnight blue version available at 3.1 Phillip Lim and FORWARD.




baroque sweater, ny giants cap, zara ankle boots

baroque sweater, ny giants cap, zara western boots

Glamorous sweater via PixieMarket.com (sold out but available at Glamorous.com) / H&M skirt / Mango boots / dad’s NY Giants cap

There’s something very girly/romantic about baroque prints that I kind of love. It’s also one of my favorite prints to play around with since I feel like you could get away with pairing baroque on baroque… and it would somehow just magically work. This sweater — undoubtedly inspired by the baroque prints seen in Stella McCartney’s A/W 2012 collection — has become one of my favorite winter staples. Speaking of winter, I snapped these photos before our true winter weather in Los Angeles hit. Planning a spring getaway as we speak – I’m convinced Los Angeles has made this Northeast gal develop an allergy to the cold!

xx becs


back east

empire state building, new york city

brooklyn, zara scarf


brooklyn flea market

snow heart

brooklyn sky

new york city


times square

Annnd I’m back! Technically, I’ve been here in L.A. since the holidays wrapped but have been so crazed at work that I really wish I was back east again, because you know, two weeks just wasn’t enough! We ventured into NYC a few times to hit up the Brooklyn Flea and even witness the overwhelming crowds around Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Talk about a FRENZY. AND I even got to see snow for the first time in years.

You can guarantee that nearly every single time I head back east during the holidays, the same thoughts replay over and over in my head:  how the hell was I able to survive in the insanely chilly weather?! My super warm plaid scarf from Zara was THE lifesaver of my trip. Practically wore that thing everywhere — even to bed!

So, happy-one-week-later-new-year! Much love and success for all of you this year, and beyond!



winter prep

zara faux leather sweater, faux leather pants, topshop beanie

zara faux leather top, faux leather pants, topshop beanie, nike eclipse II premium sneakers

zara faux leather top, topshop beanie, see eyewear sunglasses

Zara sweater & bag / H&M pants (old) / Topshop beanie / Nike Eclipse II Premium sneakers / SEE sunglasses

Heading home to the northeast for the holidays and thought I’d start prepping for the brutal temps by breaking out the beanie and scarf. Just need to dig out my leather gloves and I’m all set to brave the cold! Los Angeles has turned me into a complete wimp when it comes to withstanding any temperature below 50 degrees. I know, so pathetic! Can’t wait to dig into the comforts of home — the highlight being treated to my mama’s yummy home cooking!

Wishing you and your fam all the best for the holidays!

xx becs