Living In The Moment

topshop-mesh-jersey-playsuitaztec-studded-ankle-bootsDear Topshop, I know you’ve heard this a million zillion times, but when are you coming to LA?  You’d make a killing here.  Oh yea, just got these too.  Will be on Ramen for the next month.

Currently overplaying “Oldest Running Feature” by The Grownup Noise.

Make It Stop

jeffrey-campbell-mel_solestruckMINE in a week!!  Slowly turning into a shoe ‘hoar’ (hi mom!).  Must stop it now.  The Jeffrey Campbell Mel is now available at Solestruck.

UPDATE: I ordered these 20 min. ago, and must have gotten one of the last 8.5 pairs.  These do come in half sizes, even though there aren’t any more on Solestruck. A quick search will show you they’re selling them at a other places for a little less spenny.

Cheaper versions are still available at Aldo with the Molavi and Smeal.

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Luxury Jones: Good For The Style Soul

Just had an O.M.G. moment, filled with a flutter of the heart.  Why have I not jumped on the Luxury Jones bandwagon?  Will be stalking her Etsy store.  Every piece she designs is handmade and amazingly one-of-a-kind.  Seeing her collection makes me want to get rid of my entire closet and start fresh.  Must win lottery. Or gamble in Vegas. Or sign up for Millionaire Matchmaker. (LOVE that show.)





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