fashion’s night out

fashion's night out beverly center

pixie market metal toe cap booties


Zara cardigan (old) and top | H&M faux leather pants | Pixie Market shoes



h&m leopard high-waisted pants

IN Seattle. Falling in love with this city and I’ve only been here for a day and a half. So maybe it’s been lust at first sight. If only Seattle had Los Angeles weather, I’d move here in a heartbeat!

xx, becs

triple denim threat

recollection denim shirt

Re Collection shirt (old) | H&M pants

When in doubt, I prescribe to the KISS principle — Keep it simple, stupid. Best applicable on days when those sacred 20 minutes of extra shut eye trump your getting ready prep time, ESPECIALLY on Monday mornings. The denim on denim look is pretty stupid simple. Really, a no-brainer!

xx, becs

but it’s just safer to keep you in this heart of mine

zara sheer wide pants

zara sheer wide pants

zara sheer wide pants

zara pleated trousers

zara sheer wide pants

H&M jacket and crop top | Zara pants and shoes

If I had regrets, I regret not attempting to do a Flying Dutchman jump in these pants! Because these trousers are so massive in width, that photo would have been epic. Ah, next time.

Aren’t you reminded of rainbow sherbert every single time you walk into a store these days? Not that I’m complaining — I love rainbow sherbert! When I’d get sick as a kid, besides chicken noodle soup, my parents would feed me Jello and rainbow sherbert. So I grew up believing that rainbow sherbert was part of the “get well soon” formula, and despite feeling crappy, would be excited for the opportunity to enjoy a ton of sherbert! Tricky, tricky parents.

Hope you have a great week!

xx, becs