Father’s Day Stylish Gift Guide

When my dad’s birthday or Father’s Day rolls around, Melina and I tend to have a semi-tough time choosing the perfect gift.  There are only so many dress/polo shirts and golf accessories that one man can use.  Since we have yet to find a gift (sorry dad… and hi!), I asked my buddy, Style With Benefits, and Best Dressed Real Man in America, to compile a sampling of stylish gift ideas that would suit any dad.

Check out the list below and then head on over to his blog, Style With Benefits. Sharing key style tips, this blog is a must-read and source of inspiration for guys looking to step up their style game and ladies who want to encourage the men in their lives to do the same.

1.  Shoe Care Kit and Cedar Shoe Trees

Men don’t like to spend on incidental maintenance costs, so help your dad take care of his expensive shoes with a nice shoe care kit.  And if pops want to try out the ever-popular sockless look this summer, cedar shoe trees are a must to soak up the odor and moisture — no pun intended.


2. Short sleeve classic Gap chambray shirt

Dads are usually not label whores, so the Gap shirt can go a long way.  After all, nothing beats an original.  This is the perfect shirt for dad — a mix of the manly woodsman and updated style.


3.  Davek umbrella

Chances are your dad is not keen on spending $100+ on an umbrella.  Don’t let him walk around with those quick-flip street umbrellas.  Pick up a modern, lightweight Davek umbrella — with breakthrough technology that allows you to retract at the push of a button — even when the wind flips it inside out.


4.  Classic Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Maybe your dad had these at one time, maybe he didn’t.  Either way, he should have them now.  These look good on older guys and suit just about any face shape.  The best part is, these have lasted the test of time and are never going out of style.


5.  Updated bathing suit

Most dads at the pool or beach are wearing some giant cargo paisley board shorts or — even worse — a banana hammock from the 70s.  Upgrade your dad’s swimwear this summer with a slim, modern (but not overly “designer”) suit like these 7″ trunks by J.Crew.


6.  Subscription to GQ magazine

Looking to improve dad’s style?  Let him do it on his own by reading the leading American men’s fashion/lifestyle magazine.  After reading some quality interviews and lifestyle columns, dad is sure to glance at the style section.  Perhaps add a magazine rack for the bathroom to make sure he keeps the latest issue by his favorite reading place.


7.  Filson garment bag

If your dad is a traveler he needs some good luggage, but odds are he’s not interested in Louis V monogram print bags.  Pick him up this sturdy, manly garment bag to take care of his travel gear.  The added bonus is Filson’s reputation for long-lasting goods is so renowned that eventually, you are likely to come away with this bag — when it is nice and broken in.